Black Hole Boogie is a Duel minigame in Mario Party 6.

Black Hole Boogie
Type Duel
Music Dueling for Prizes

Introduction Edit

The characters swim while the Black Hole is created. Then, asteroids are sucked into it.

Gameplay Edit

The players are being sucked into a Black Hole. They must press rapidly to escape it. When the players get deeper into the Black Hole, they begin to look frantic towards getting out of the black hole.

Ending Edit

When the game finished, the hole sucks in the loser. The loser is seen oddly flying within the background when the winner does the victory dance. If both players fail to escape the black hole, the game ends in a tie with both players being sucked into the black hole.

Controls Edit

  • GCN A (Press repeatedly) – Swim away

In-game text Edit

  • Rules – "Tap  as fast as you can to swim furiously and avoid being sucked into a black hole!"
  • Advice – "The suction from the black hole will grow more powerful over time! Swim as fast as you can!"

Video Edit

Mario Party 6 - Black Hole Boogie

Mario Party 6 - Black Hole Boogie