Bobsled Run
Bobsled Run
Type 2-vs-2 Mini-Game
Music Let's Go Lightly (Mario Party)

Going Somewhere (Mario Party 2)

Bobsled Run is a 2 vs 2 minigame in Mario Party and Mario Party 2. The minigame seems to be based off of the Penguinrace in Cool Cool Mountain from Super Mario 64 because the bobsleds are modeled after penguins in the second game of the Mario Party series. However in the first game, they are normal sleds with the first team's with a Star front end and the second team's with a Mushroom front end.

Gameplay Edit

The game splits the four players into two teams, each one getting their own bobsled. They must steer their way through a track down to the finish, hitting three speed boosts along the way.

In the Mario Party 2 version there are less guardrails, so it's easier to fall (or get pushed by an opponent) off and into oblivion than it is in Mario Party. The first team to reach the finish line is the winner. The mini-game can be purchased for 100 coins.

Initial Record Edit

Mario Party Edit

  • 5'00"00

Mario Party 2 Edit

  • 1'30"00

Controls Edit

  • Control Stick Left / Control Stick Right – Steer
  • Control Stick Up – Speed Up
  • Control Stick Down – Slow Down
  • A Button – Push Sled

In-game Text Edit

Mario Party Edit

  • Game Rules – "Team up with another player for a Bobsled Run. Use Control Stick to adjust speed and A Button to push the sled at the start."
  • Game Rules (Mini-Game Island) – "In teams of 2, compete in a bobsled race. Be the first team across the finish line to clear the game."
  • Advice – "If you touch the panels found on the course, your Bobsled will speed up."

Mario Party 2 Edit

  • Game Rules – "It's a super-long Bobsled Run! Keep pressing the A button until you jump in the sled."
  • Game Rules (Mini-Game Coaster) – "Steer your bobsled down the long icy shoot in this bobsled race! Win the race to clear the game."
  • Advice – "Hit the speed-ups on the course to boost your speed momentarily."

Videos Edit

Mario Party- 2 vs

Mario Party- 2 vs. 2 Minigame - Bobsled Run

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Mario Party 2 - Bobsled Run

Mario Party 2 - Bobsled Run