Boo Island Tour
Status Duel Partner (Mario Party 3; Duel Board)

Playable (Mario Party 4 (Beach Volley Folley), Mario Party 5-8, Mario Party: Island Tour)

Board Boo's Haunted Bash (Mario Party 4)

Boo's Horror Castle (Mario Party 9)

Goals To give the characters a good scare

To become a Super Star

Boo is one of the characters in the Mario Party series.

Boo is a ghost character and a minor villain in the Super Mario series. He is usually there in a Ghost House to haunt anyone in his way. Boo sees Mario and chases him from behind, but when Mario looks at him, Boo stops moving and he hides his face by getting scared. He can also trick Mario with his traps, even with the help of his Boo Buddies. Boos are led by King Boo.Boo was then eventually friends with Mario and he gets along with him famously along with Luigi,Peach and the others.Boo is always friendly and playful to Mario and the gang despite his scary look.Boo can Mari-volve into various forms like Mario and friends and he seems to enjoy scaring Bowser more than his good friend Luigi.Boo seems to have a very great relationship with Princess Peach and he's always delighted to play with her.Boo is the best friend of Dry Bones and he always enjoys hanging out with him very much.

In the Mario Party seriesEdit

Mario PartyEdit

Boo made his minor appearance in this first game. He appeared in many boards with the exception of Peach's Birthday Cake. On the boards, Boo can help the player by stealing the coins from other players for free. He can also steal a Star from them, but only at a cost of 50 Coins. If a player does neither of them, Boo will disappear and say "Don't feel so guilty! Ha ha ha!". Boo also appears in the board's endings. Boo also makes appearance in the mini-games Running of the Bulb, Crazy CutterGhost Guess and a Big Boo appears in Pedal Power

Mario Party 2 Edit

Boo appears in this game. Like in the first game, he is on all boards to steals coins and stars from other players. However, unlike the first game, Boo charges 5 coins from a player, and he steals a lot more coins from other players. Additionally, Boo can be summoned after the player uses the Boo Bell item. If Boo is sent to steal the coins, the other player must press the A button repeatedly. He can steal at a maximum of 31 Coins from that player. In the Battle Mini-Game, Day at the Races, Boo appears as a racer along with Whomp, Thwomp, and Bob-omb. Big Boo also appears on the Horror Land board at night and can steal coins or stars from the other three players. However, this Boo charges three times the normal amount of an average Boo. 

Mario Party 3 Edit

Boo appears in this game. He still can steal the coins and stars in Party Boards. He also returns with the Boo Bell. Boo is also in the Mini-Games: Curtain Call, Stacked Deck, Three Door Monty, and Crowd Cover. Additionally, the portraits of Boo can also be seen in Locked Out. In Duel Boards, Boo is Yoshi's partner.

Mario Party 4 Edit

Boo appears in this game and plays a major role as a host of his stage, Boo's Haunted Bash. This Boo has a whole new look with a wizard's cape. Like the other hosts in the game, it is the character to reward to player with a Star. Multiple Boos also appear on this board as background characters. One controls the Item Shop. Another one owns the Mystery Train, but it only gives out rides to the Boneyard if a Red Boo is not in its presence. Two side-games involving Boos requires a Mini Mushroom. One of them has the player pressing one of the keys of the Horn of Plenty to get one of three randomly chosen items. The second one has the character on a piano. They have to press the correct key at the right time until the end of the side-game to get a certain amount of Coins. A question mark space activates a Boo clock. If three people land on them, Big Boo will appear. Big Boo is basically an upgraded version of the Boo House; he targets all players instead of one. The caped Boo is also the fourth host of the Reversal of Fortune, who oversees what is given. Like in the previous games, Boo can steal coins and stars in every board game, only this time at a shop called the Boo House. Also, Boo is an unlockable playable character, but only in an Extra Mini-Game called Beach Volley Folley. In Long Claw of the Law, Boo is one of the possible characters that needs to be collected.

Mario Party 5Edit

Starting from this game, Boo is a playable character in Party Mode. In Super Duel Mode, his Super Duel Car is Sheer Sideswipe and his nickname is "Nightmare Boo". In Tag Teams, the following list consist of the team names when Boo allies with one character:

  • Mario = Old Acquaintances
  • Luigi = Scare Pair
  • Peach = Royally Spooky
  • Daisy = Haunted Flower
  • Yoshi = Scary Dino
  • Wario = Spooky Spoilsports
  • Waluigi = Scary Screechers
  • Toad = Scaredy Toad
  • Koopa Kid = Pure Evil

This is also the first game in the series where Boo does not steal coins or stars with his role being replaced by the Chain Chomp whenever its' capsule is used.

Mario Party 6 Edit

Boo is playable in this game. In the game, there is also an orb called Boo Away Orb, which protects the player from a Red Boo. Red Boos also appear in the minigame Boo'd Off the Stage and Boonanza!. Red Boos also appear two boards, Towering Treetop and Castaway Bay where they let players steal coins and stars from others at night, similar to the Boo House in Mario Party 4. This game also marks the third appearance of Red Boos in the Mario Party series. The team names are the same. When Boo allies with Toadette, they become the "Terrifying Twosome".

Mario Party Advance Edit

Boo appears as a non-playable supporting character in this game. The Boos appear in the Boo Cemetery where they are the main characters in the quest, True-Blue Boo. This is a mystery quest, in which their golden Boo statue has been stolen, and they suspect that one of them has stolen it. They then notice that there are four of them, and it is up to the player to discover which one is a fake. Once he is discovered, the fake Boo reveals himself as Koopa Kid, and flees the area, leaving the statue behind. The Boos then reward the player with the Gaddget Predictotron.

They also appear in the Horror Condo in the quest Condo of Mystery!. A Snifit states that the condo isn't haunted, and the player has to head to the Boos and ask them to haunt it. After arriving at the cemetery, the Boos state that they actually forgot to haunt the condo, and head there to do so.\

Mario Party 7 Edit

Boo is playable in this game. It also marks Dry Bones' first playable appearance, who is Boo's partner throughout the game. Red Boos appear in the game, too. Red Boos appear in a few minigames such as Ghost in the Hall. In this minigame, Red Boos try to scare the players. Oddly, the Red Boos also try to scare Boo, if Boo is one of the characters. Boo shares the same special orb with Dry Bones, the Magic Orb. It allows them to double their dice roll during the next two turns and turns them invisible, making them immune to traps.

Mario Party 8 Edit

Boo is playable in this game. Boo's partner is Dry Bones, again. Red Boos appear in some minigames such as Boo-ting Gallery. Mario Party 8 also marks the first appearance of King Boo, who is the board host of King Boo's Haunted Hideaway. In order to get a Star, the player must find the room King Boo is hiding in and give him ten coins. There are three rooms, two of which contain a trap hole. If the player finds one of these rooms, several Red Boos will throw them in, forcing the player to start back at the beginning. When the player gets a Star, King Boo will rearrange the mansion's rooms. Red Boos appear as owners of the item shops. The team names have returned, but now it has changed to the new team names in the following list:

  • Mario = Soul Bros.
  • Luigi = Scaredy Pants
  • Peach = Boo-for-Teas
  • Yoshi = Hovering Friends
  • Wario = Double-Dealers
  • Daisy = High Spirited Duo
  • Waluigi = Total Creeps
  • Toad = Doom 'n' Shroom
  • Toadette = Boo Duet
  • Birdo = Unfair Pair
  • Dry Bones = Scary Pair
  • Hammer Bro = Bad Vibes

Mario Party DS Edit

Boo is not a playable character in Mario Party DS and plays no part in board play, but appears as an unlockable figure. They also appear in the mini-games Boo Tag, and Peek-a-Boo. In Boo Tag, a Boo tags a player. The tagged player must try to get rid of the Boo by running into another player. The player that spent the least amount of time with the Boo wins. In Peek-a-Boo, the players must find the wanted Boo. A lot of different Boos appear in outfits, such as hats. Several of the wanted Boo appear, and once they are all gone, the game is over. The team that won the most Boos wins.

Mario Party 9 Edit

Boo does not return as a playable character in this game, however King Boo is the boss of Boo's Horror Castle. Normal Boos also appear on the board. When the player passes a Boo portrait, a Boo will emerge and chase after the player. These Boos will move three spaces after each turn, and if a Boo catches up to the players (or vice versa), the current captain will lose half of all of their Mini Stars. During King Boo's Puzzle Attack, whenever King Boo's health is depleted halfway, he sends Boos to attack the player. If the player's cursor touches a Boo, they are temporarily stunned. King Boo only sends one Boo at a time.

Mario Party: Island Tour Edit

Boo returns as a playable character in this game. This is the fifth time that Boo is playable, the first time he is playable on a handheld Mario Party game, and he is the first character in the series to be removed as a playable character in a main installment of the series and then return in a later installment.

Mario Party 10 Edit

Boo is once again non-playable in this game, but he does appear in a board called Haunted Trail and appears in 3 minigames: Boo Burglars, Meanie Match, and the Boss Battle as King Boo's attacks.

Super Mario Party Edit

Boo is a playable character once again.


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