Boo'd Off the Stage is a duel minigame found in Mario Party 6. The name refers to when someone sings badly at a concert and the audience starts throwing objects at the band or the lone singer.

Introduction Edit

The players look scared from side to side as a Red Boo floats quickly toward them as they run away to not get hit.

Gameplay Edit

Players attempt to avoid the Red Boos as they pass by within 30 seconds. There are walls that make the minigame a little more challenging. As time passes by, more Red Boos will appear, some small, some big. If a player gets caught by a Red Boo, the other player wins. If the players exceed the time limit, the minigame results in a draw.

Controls Edit

  • Control Stick – Move

In-game text Edit

  • Rules – "Run away from the Boos that zoom across the screen from every angle. Whoever gets caught first loses!"
  • Advice – "Prepare to run in any direction during the lull between Boo passes."

Video Edit

Mario Party 6 - Boo'd Off the Stage00:41

Mario Party 6 - Boo'd Off the Stage

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