Bowser's Big Blast
Bowser Blast
Mario Party 2
Type Battle Mini-Game
Music That's All of It
Bowser's Big Blast (stylized as BOWSER's Big Blast) is a battle minigame in Mario Party 2. The game later appears in Mario Party 4, under the name Bowser's Bigger Blast. Merry-Go-Chomp from Mario Party 3, uses a similar concept to that of this minigame.

Introduction Edit

A Bowser bomb is screwed into place by a mechanical arm and the camera zooms out. The four characters enter the room it's in and gets in line (with the exception of the first player up to press a plunger) while the plungers appear. The minigame then begins.

Gameplay Edit

The game is a luck-based minigame. The players take turns pressing down the plungers connected to a massive Bowser Bomb.

The player selects a plunger, the chances are no effect, or the player loses. When the player presses down the wrong plunger, the bomb ticks and explodes in front of the player while the others are ducking from it.

Ending Edit

The last player remains standing is the winner and does it's winning animation.

Controls Edit

  • N64 Stick – Move
  • N64 A – Press Plunger

In-game Text Edit

  • Game Rules – "Take turns pressing the plungers. If Bowser blows up on you, you're out. Last one standing wins!"
  • Advice – "Just because a plunger detonated Bowser once doesn't mean it will again... Or does it? Give it a try!"