Bowser's Magma Mountain Logo
The board logo for Bowser's Magma Mountain
Game Mario Party
Number of Spaces 63 Spaces

Blue Spaces = 46
Red Spaces = 4
Happening Spaces = 5
Chance Spaces = 0 (Unless a Star is bought from Toad)
Mini-Game Spaces = 3
Mushroom Spaces = 3
Bowser Spaces = 2

Stars Obtained by Paying 20 Coins to Toad
Map Bowser's Magma Mountain (No Spaces)
Theme Volcano
Mario Party Music - Magma Mountain-0

Mario Party Music - Magma Mountain-0

Bowser's Magma Mountain is Bowser's board in Mario Party, and it is unlocked by paying 980 Coins in the Mushroom Shop. This is Bowser's home turf, where it is a Volcano filled with lava. The goal for the players is to collect the Stars in order defeat Bowser in his own game.


The board is set on a huge volcano with a one-way path to the top of the board, but with many junctions. Every junction has a green volcano-head statue with a Star sign, and Bowser's face. Bowser's voice is heard, asking players if they want to take a shortcut up the mountain for 10 coins. If the player accepts, then they must pay the fee, and a roulette block will appear showing a Star and Bowser's face. If the player gets the Star, they are allowed to take the shortcut. However, if they get Bowser's face, they have to continue on their present route with no refund. A purple volcano-head statue is on the top of the mountain, and is the most important one. When a player gets here, they are forced to hit another roulette block (this one free of charge). Getting the Star picture takes them to Boo, and Bowser's face takes them to Bowser, where he steals either coins, or a Star (depending on yet another roulette block). If a player steps on a Happening Space, the volcano erupts, sending flaming rocks on the board and turning all the Blue Spaces into Red Spaces for two turns. If a player buys a Star, the space the Star is bought from becomes a Chance Space.


At the end of the game, the winner's Stars form into a large Star that charges up, and destroys the volcano part of the mountain that Bowser is in, sending him flying upward and falling back down on his side. As Bowser wallows in pain, the winner jumps on him, then in front of him, as the players in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th watch. Toad, Koopa, Boo, and the Star soon joins them.