Bowser Slots is an item minigame found in Bowser Land in Mario Party 2.

Gameplay Edit

To earn an item, the player has to match three pictures of the desired item by stopping each reel. If the player successfully matches three of an item, it will pop out of the slot's head, and the player wins the item; however, if they don't, a spring with a green frame with Bowser on it will pop out of the slot's head and bounce back and forth until the game fades out; thus, the player gets nothing.

Controls Edit

  • A Button – Jump

In-game Text Edit

  • Game Rules – "It takes well-timed jumps to line up 3 of a kind."
  • Advice – "There are always 2 of one kind in a row on each block. Watch closely when jumping. You miss if you don't get 3."

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