Cast Aways is a 4-player minigame that is found in the Nintendo 64 game, Mario Party. Its name is a pun on "castaway", which is a term used to describe someone stuck on a deserted island by themselves.

Introduction Edit

The minigame takes place where there are four players standing on an island, staring at the ocean, seeing three rows of items floating by. The minigame then starts.

Gameplay Edit

The player's objective is to use their gloves to gather Coins within 60 seconds.

There are three rows of items floating by, with single Coins, Coin Bags that are worth 5 Coins, and Treasure Chests worth 10 Coins. The players have to obtain the floating items by casting their gloves a short, medium or long distance. When the player makes a cast, they have to reel the glove back whether they captured the item successfully or not. However, if the player fails to reel the item back to them before the time runs out, he or she will not be awarded the captured item.

The minigame ends when the time limit is up, but there is no winner or loser. All players who participate get to keep the amount of coins they collected in the minigame.

In Mini-Game Island, the player has to get at least 30 coins to clear the game.

The minigame can be purchased from the Mini-Game House for 250 Coins.

Controls Edit

  • Control Stick (Flick) – Cast line
  • Control Stick (Rotate) – Reel line

In-game Text Edit

  • Game Rules – "Many Coins are drifting by in the wide, wide ocean. Cast your line and reel them in."
  • Game Rules (Mini-Game Island) – "Many, many Coins are drifting by in the wide, wide ocean. Get 30 or more Coins to clear the game."
  • Advice – "To do a long cast, push the control stick hard. To do a short cast, push the control stick lightly."

Video Edit

Mario Party- 4 Player Minigame - Cast Aways01:48

Mario Party- 4 Player Minigame - Cast Aways

Mario Party - Cast Aways

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