Cheep Cheep Chase
Mp3 CheepCheepChase
Type 4-Player Mini-Game
Music Big Trouble
Cheep Cheep Chase is a 4-player minigame in Mario Party 3.

Gameplay Edit

The game is a 4-player mini-game that is reminiscent of Skateboard Scamper from Mario Party and Mario Party 2 except that the controls are reversed. The object of the mini-game is to swim as fast as you can to outrace a giant Cheep Cheep that is swimming behind you. There are also bombs placed in the water that can be avoided by diving under them. If the player hits a bomb, they are momentarily stunned and are at risk to be eaten by the Cheep Cheep. The first player to reach the end will win the mini-game.

Controls Edit

  • A Button (Repeatedly) - Swim forward
  • B Button or Z Button - Dive

In-game Text Edit

  • Game Rules – "Swim like mad to avoid the hungry Cheep Cheep. Dive to avoid the bombs in the water."
  • Advice – "!' will appear over your head just before the Cheep Cheep is going to catch you. Repeatedly press A to swim away."