Coin Block Bash
MP1 CoinBlockBash
Type 1-vs-3 Mini-Game
Music Ducking and Dodging
Coin Block Bash is a 1-vs-3 player minigame found in Mario Party. It is similar to Coin Block Blitz.

Introduction Edit

The singular player swings the hammer twice. The camera then zooms out to the view used during the minigame.

Gameplay Edit

The player that has a hammer can break the Brick Blocks with one blow, but is slower than the other players. The three other players either have to break the sturdy blocks containing coins by themselves or have to attack the player with the hammer to get the hammer. Without the hammer, blocks take exactly ten hits to destroy. The hammer user can also knock players away and stun them for a few seconds with a sideways blow, or squish them flat with a vertical blow. Only a vertical blow can be used to destroy the blocks. After the sixty seconds are over or the blocks have all been smashed and the coins collected, each player gets the amount of coins that they got in the game.

Controls Edit

Solo Edit

  • N64 Stick - Move
  • N64 A - Overhead Swing
  • N64 B - Sideways Swing

Rivals Edit

  • N64 Stick - Move
  • N64 A - Jump
  • N64 B - Attack

In-game Text Edit

  • Game Rules - "Coins come out of these sturdy blocks when you break them. The person with the hammer can break them in one hit."
  • Game Rules (Mini-Game Island) - "Break the blocks to collect the Coins. Get 10 or more Coins to clear the game."
  • Advice - "If you get attacked, you will drop the hammer. Anybody can grab the dropped hammer."

Video Edit

Mario Party- 1 vs

Mario Party- 1 vs. 3 Mini-Game - Coin Block Bash

Mario Party - Coin Block Bash