Daisy MP10
Artwork of Mario Party 10
Status Playable (Mario Party 3-10, Mario Party DS, Mario Party: Island Tour)
Favorite Item Cellular Shopper
Goals To become a Super Star
Game Mario Party 3

Mario Party 4
Mario Party 5
Mario Party 6
Mario Party 7
Mario Party 8
Mario Party DS
Mario Party 9
Mario Party: Island Tour
Mario Party 10

Daisy is a playable character in Mario party. 

Princess Daisy is the ruler of Sarasaland who made her debut in Super Mario Land, where she was kidnapped by an evil alien named Tatanga, but she was saved by Mario in the end. She has flowers which is shown in some of the games. She is portrayed as the love interest of Luigi, and she is best friends with Princess Peach.

In the Mario Party seriesEdit

Mario Party 3 Edit

Daisy makes her appearance in this game. She is not playable in the Story Mode, but she is playable in Party Mode and Duel Mode. In Story Mode, she appeared after the player wins the Courage Stamp. She wanted to have the Beauty Stamp and even tricked the Millennium Star into almost giving it to her. Before the player and Daisy fought in the final Duel Map, Backtrack, Bowser appeared right behind her. After screaming, Daisy slaps Bowser so hard she sends him flying up in the sky, much to the surprised faces from the player, the Millennium Star, and Tumble. In Duel Mode, her partner is Snifit. Soon after, the player defeats Daisy and she runs off crying. Even though Backtrack is where Daisy was fought, Backtrack is not Daisy's board, as there was never a game board for Daisy, unlike Waluigi's Island where it is Waluigi's board.

Mario Party 4 Edit

Daisy is playable in this game. Unlike in the previous installment, she is playable in Story Mode. This is the first game in which Daisy is seen with her current dress and shorter hair.

Mario Party 5 Edit

Daisy is playable in this game. In Super Duel Mode, her Super Duel Car is Cute 'n' Assute and her nickname is "Pretty Woman Daisy". In Tag Team, the following list consist of the team names when Daisy allies with one character:

  • Mario = Nice Couple
  • Luigi = Steady Sweeties
  • Peach = Lordly Ladies
  • Yoshi = Royal Ride
  • Wario = Mismatched Pair
  • Waluigi = Awkward Date
  • Toad = Royal Pals
  • Boo = Haunted Flower
  • Koopa Kid = Grudging Allies

Mario Party 6 Edit

Daisy is playable in this game. The team names are the same. When Daisy allies with Toadette, they become the "Shopping Buddies".   

Mario Party 7 Edit

Daisy is playable in this game. 

Mario Party 8 Edit

Daisy is playable in this game. The team names have returned, but now it has changed to the new team names in the following list:

  • Mario = Flower Players
  • Luigi = Tango Tanglers
  • Peach = Damsels in Success
  • Yoshi = Tomboy Trouble
  • Wario = Mischief-Makers
  • Waluigi = Double-Facers
  • Toad = Bloomy Shroomy
  • Boo = High Spirited Duo
  • Toadette = Perfumed Shroomy
  • Birdo = Gallopin' Gal-Pals
  • Dry Bones = Daisy Pushers
  • Blooper = Bloopsie-Daisy
  • Hammer Bro = Barn Builders

Mario Party DS Edit

Daisy is playable in this game. The team names have changed once again in the following list:

  • Mario = Flower Players
  • Luigi = Shy Sidekicks
  • Peach = Power Princesses
  • Wario = Wilted Flowers
  • Waluigi = Skinny Stars
  • Yoshi = Cutie Pies
  • Toad = Button Mushrooms

Mario Party 9 Edit

Daisy is playable in this game.

Mario Party: Island Tour Edit

Daisy is playable in this game.

Mario Party 10 Edit

Daisy is playable in this game, except in amiibo Party, as there was no Daisy amiibo.


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