Dice Block
Dice Block Island Tour
Dice Block from Mario Party: Island Tour


Mario Party (N64)


Every single Mario Party game

Effect on Player(s)

Determine turn order; Determines the number of spaces the player should move on his or her turn.

“Let's see who goes first! Smack the Dice Block! Punch with your Wii Remote!”

MC Ballyhoo, Mario Party 8

In the Mario Party series, the group use the Dice Block to move around. It rolls from the number 1-10, or 1-5 when a cursed mushroom is active. Since the game is on the screen, the player needs to use the Dice Block to see how many spaces the player goes. The players can't use an ordinary dice to move on the screen.

There is also a volleyball version of the block in Mario Party 5's version of Beach Volleyball where teams can get up to six points if the ball lands on the ground.

In addition to moving the players, the block is also used to determine the turn order of the game by getting the highest number. Dice Blocks also appear in various mini-games with various functions.


To use it on the player's turn, the player needs to press the Button in most installments except for Mario Party 8, which requires the player to use the to swing upwards, and in Mario Party DS, where a is used for the player to tap the block.

Types of Dice BlockEdit

There are also other types of Dice Blocks in the Mario Party series:


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