Granite Getaway is a 4 Player Mini-game found in Mario Party 6.

Granite Getaway
Type 4 player
Music Doom and Gloom

Gameplay Edit

The players must run away from a giant rolling boulder behind them. The players have to hold down the control stick   the whole time or they are squished by the boulder. Players have to jump to avoid the many obstacles that appear on screen. After a while, a spot with a wooden floor is reached and the boulder falls through; players who survive up until this point win.

Intro/Ending Edit

Intro: Everyone is looking around wildly, then the boulder drops from the ceiling, and the game starts.

Ending: When the players get to the end of the cave the boulder drops and the winners do their victory animation. There can be more than one winner.

In-Game text Edit

Rules: "Run away from the massive rolling boulder! Whoever reaches the goal without getting squished wins!"

Advice: "Jump over obstacles or you'll trip over them."

Trivia Edit

  • This Mini-game is based on the famous Indiana Jones scene. Where Indy was chased by a giant boulder.
  • Oddly, When you're the only player left, you can still get to the end of the cave.
  • ==Video==
  • Mario Party 6 - Granite Getaway

    Mario Party 6 - Granite Getaway