Hot Bob-omb
MP1 HotBob-omb
MP2 HotBob-omb
Type 4-Player Mini-Game (Mario Party)

Battle Mini-Game (Mario Party 2)

Music Taking Coins (Mario Party)

Going for the Coins (Mario Party)

Hot Bob-omb (stylised as Hot BOB-OMB in Mario Party 2) is a 4-player minigame that is found during the events of the Nintendo 64 games Mario Party and Mario Party 2 as a battle minigame. Players pass a lit Bob-omb until it explodes, as in the real world game Hot Potato and the song from the The Wiggles, off which the minigame's name is a pun.

Gameplay Edit

It is played similarly to Hot Potato; however, players toss a Bob-omb. If one of the players does not catch the Bob-omb on time, the player will slow down at a moment and possibly the Bob-omb explodes if it is going to explode. If a player is holding a Bob-omb when it explodes, they are eliminated from the game. After about 30 seconds, the Bob-omb explodes.

In Mario Party, the game ends after one person loses, while in Mario Party 2, the game keeps on going until there is one person left standing like in the real game hot potato.

In the Mini-Game Island, the player must clear the game by not holding the Bob-omb before it explodes. If it does explode on the player, he/she loses a life.

The minigame can be purchased from the Mini-Game House for 300 coins when it is available for a purchase in Mario Party. In Mario Party 2 however players need to beat the hard minigame coaster to be able to buy this game and other battle minigames from Woody.

Controls Edit

Mario Party Edit

  • Control Stick – Choose direction
  • A Button – Pass Bob-omb

Mario Party 2 Edit

  • Control Stick – Pass direction
  • A Button – Throw Bob-omb
  • B Button – Catch Bob-omb

In-game Text Edit

Mario Party Edit

  • Game Rules – "The Bob-omb has come. Pass it to somebody with A Button before it explodes."
  • Game Rules (Mini-Game Island) – "Pass the Bob-omb to someone else before it explodes. Clear the game by not holding it when it explodes."
  • Advice – The Bob-omb gets bigger and bigger as it is about to explode."

Mario Party 2 Edit

  • Game Rules – "Don't let the Bob-omb blow up in your hands or you're out. The last one standing is the winner."
  • Advice – "If you don't press the B Button at the right moment, you'll drop the Bob-omb! If you catch it, you can pass it off right away!"


  • Bob-ombic Plague is a minigame from Mario Party 7 similar to this minigame, except it is an 8-player minigame and the two players beside the holder are eliminated as well.
  • The Mario Party version of this minigame appears to be set on the same stage as Bash 'n' Cash and Grab Bag, except that a metal cage is placed all around the pit, possibly to prevent the Bob-omb from going out of bounds, or so that the players don't try escaping.

Videos Edit

Mario Party- 4 Player Minigame - Hot Bob-Omb

Mario Party- 4 Player Minigame - Hot Bob-Omb

Mario Party - Hot Bob-omb

Mario Party 2 - Hot BOB-OMB

Mario Party 2 - Hot BOB-OMB

Mario Party 2 - Hot BOB-OMB