Knock Block Tower
Knock Block Tower
Type Single-Player Mini-Game
Music Taking Coins
Knock Block Tower is a single player minigame found during the events of the Nintendo 64 game, Mario Party.

Introduction Edit

The minigame takes place in the brown sky or fog, and stone towers appear in the background. The camera shows how the tower composed of wooden crates and Thwomps are positioned. Then the minigame starts.

Gameplay Edit

The objective of the minigame is to reach the Treasure Chest at the top of the tower within the time limit of ten seconds. The player does this by punching wooden crates to bring the upper part of the tower down.

To make the minigame interesting, Thwomps appear alongside wooden crates, stacked together. The creatures' purpose is to prevent the player from reaching the top of the tower by moving their bodies to rise up or lower down. Additionally, the difficulty of the minigame depends on how the Thwomps and wooden crates are placed within the tower at the beginning of the minigame.

If the player successfully reaches the treasure chest, they win ten Coins. However, if the player punches a Thwomp by mistake, he or she loses the minigame. Alternately, when the time runs out, a Fly Guy steals the treasure chest, thus, also making them lose the minigame.

The minigame can be purchased from the Mini-Game House for two hundred Coins when it is available for purchase.

Controls Edit

  • Control Stick – Move
  • A Button – Jump
  • B Button – Punch

In-game Text Edit

  • Game Rules – "A stack of wood blocks comes crashing down. Break the boxes to get to the treasure chest on top."
  • Game Rules"Knock out only the wood blocks from the Block Tower. Clear the game by getting the treasure chest."
  • Advice – "Don't mistakenly attack the Blue Thwomps instead. You'll get knocked away."

Video Edit

Mario Party- 1 Player Minigame - Knock Block Tower

Mario Party- 1 Player Minigame - Knock Block Tower

Mario Party - Knock Block Tower