Lift Leapers
Game(s) Mario Party 6
Type 4-player minigame
Music Amusing

Lift Leapers is a 4-player minigame found in Mario Party 6.

Gameplay Edit

The player must jump onto various platforms to get to the goal. Between each segment of the course is a Warp Pipe. Falling off a platform results in a Lakitu fishing the player out of the abyss below and forcing them to restart at the beginning of the section. The first section has one horizontally moving platform and one vertical, zigzagging platform. The second consists of two vertical moving platforms and two circling platforms, as well as spikes. Touching one results in the player having to restart. The third section is entirely composed of vertically moving platforms. Finally, the fourth and last section is made of cloud platforms and spikes. The first one to finish the course wins.

Opening Edit

The player emerges from the Warp Pipe at the beginning of the course. The screen then splits into four segments.

Ending Edit

The camera zooms in on the winner's section of the screen, followed by the winner performing his or her victory animation.

In-game text Edit

  • Rules:  "Leap over chasms and between moving lifts to reach the goal! Whoever reaches it first wins!"
  • Advice:  "Watch how the lifts move and time your jumps carefully!"

Trivia Edit

  • This mini-game is similar to Super Mario levels, with the difference of no enemies.


Mario Party 6 - Lift Leapers

Mario Party 6 - Lift Leapers