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Oh! There's a Minigame box hidden here! -Blue Toad, after a player lands on a Blue Space or a Green Space. (This doesn't always happen.)

Here is a list of minigames that appeared in Mario Party 10.

Mario PartyEdit


  • There are also Battle Minigames which are the same thing but Mini stars will be gambled. They don't show up until the Miniboss battle.
  • Three of these are also Reverse Minigames. Reverse Minigames can only be played on a Bowser Space. The object is to get in last place to earn a prize of 20 Mini Stars.

2 vs. 2 MinigamesEdit

  • Boo Burglars -
  • Murky Maze - There is a dark maze and there are 2 players with red lights and 2 with blue lights. The goal is to get to the other player through the maze.

Boss Battle MinigamesEdit

Bowser PartyEdit

Bowser vs. AllEdit

  • Bowser's Bad Breath - A Bowser Minigame where the GamePad player move the gamepad to angle Fireballs to shoot at others.
  • Bowser's Bogus Bingo - Players select a bingo board and Bowser controls the rest. He will roll a dice with an enemy's picture on it. The goal for the players is for Bowser to give them as few bingos as possible because each row costs 1 heart for the player.
  • Bowser's Clawful Climb - Bowser is climbing up a tower with the players climbing higher, trying to get away. Every time a player is caught by Bowser, they lose 3 hearts.
  • Bowser's Fire Bar Fury - A game where the GamePad player tilts the gamepad to move Firebars to hit players.
  • Bowser's Painball- A game where the GamePad player plays a pinball machine with the other players inside.
  • Bowser's Wicked Wheel- A game where the GamePad player controls the speed of a spinning wheel to knock players into a pair of Amps.
  • Another minigame (shown in the trailer) where there are two platforms which players can switch from and Bowser can pick which one to Ground Pound.

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