The Magic Lamp is an item that is found in Mario Party 2, 3 and 4. It is one of the more expensive and uncommon items, costing 25-30 coins in shops, and only pop up in shops when the player has the pricey amount of coins to buy it. It is a rare item in Item Minigames, too, only popping up on rare occasions. Its purpose has remained the same since its inception, using one will summon the Mushroom Genie, who will take the player to the Star. You still, however, have to pay a separate 20 coins as usual. It's often thought that the Magic Lamp pays homage to Yume Kojo: Doki Doki Panic, which would be re-released as the North American Super Mario Bros. 2. It is replaced by the Wiggler Orb in Mario Party 5 and by the Flutter Orb in Mario Party 6 and Mario Party 7.

Mario Party 2 Edit

In Mario Party 2, the Magic Lamp is one of the rarest items in the game aside from the Bowser Bomb and Bowser Suit. This rare item is also the most expensive in the game, costing 25 coins upon purchase. It is even rarer in Item Minigames, only popping up on rare occasions often taking the place of Bowser Bombs. The Magic Lamp, like mentioned above, will summon the Mushroom Genie who will take you to the Star Space, though you still have to buy the Star separately.

Mario Party 3 Edit

The Magic Lamp returns in Mario Party 3, looking and acting just as it did in Mario Party 2. It is just as rare, maybe even rarer, and still costs a hefty 25 coins upon purchase.

Mario Party 4 Edit

The Magic Lamp returns in Mario Party 4 and features a new polished model thanks to the newer GameCube hardware, although it still looks generally the same. Though even rarer in Item Minigames, the Magic Lamp is more of an uncommon item in shops than rare, although it is more expensive, now costing 30 coins. Despite these slight changes, its acts just as it did in the previous games. This would be the last time the Magic Lamp would appear in Mario Party games, as it was replaced by the Flutter Orb and Star Pipe items in Mario Party 5 and onward.