Mario Party: Island Tour
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Nintendo 3DS

Release Date

USA: November 22, 2013

Europe: January 14, 2014

Australia: 2014

Japan: Winter 2013

Mario Party: Island Tour is a game exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS. It is the thirteenth in the main series (seventeenth in Japan) in the Mario Party series and the third installment for a handheld console.


Mario Party: Island Tour uses the traditional independent four player gameplay as opposed to Mario Party 9, except players still hit a six-sided Dice Block numbered 1-6 instead of a Dice Block numbered 1-10 in the first eight installments. Like Mario Party 9, players appear to move along a linear board, though in this game it appears to be a race to the end. However, the Spaces appear similar in function to those from Mario Party 9. It is also shown that the players can use special cards to hinder their opponents, similar to Orbs from previous Mario Party installments. It will also have Local Multiplayer. It has been seen that players may verse shadowy versions of the other playable characters in minigames.[4] Also, whenever a minigame ends with a tie, there will be a Dice Block tiebreaker to determine the final results.





As the title suggests, the boards are split between various themed islands. Seven gameboards are included in the game. </p>


  • "+3," "+4," and "+5" Spaces, allowing the player to advance farther.
  • Card Spaces
  • Green Spaces
  • Bowser Spaces
  • Blue Event Space
  • Red Event Space
  • Free-for-All Spaces
  • Item Spaces
  • Piranha Plant Spaces
  • Blue and Red Spaces on Banzai Bill's Mad Mountain indicating safe and dangerous areas.
  • Booster Spaces (appears only on Rocket Road)
  • Wrap Spaces
  • Just-Right Spaces


Dice BlocksEdit

Dice Blocks can be won from minigames in Perilous Palace Path and Bowser's Peculiar Peak.

  • <p class="MsoNormal">Gold Dice Block - Adds 1 to 6 spaces to the player's roll.</p>
  • Silver Dice Block - Adds 1 to 3 spaces to the player's roll.
  • Bronze Dice Block - Adds 1 to 2 spaces to the player's roll.
  • Custom Dice Block - Allows the player to roll any number they want.
  • <p class="MsoNormal">(Doing a double with two dice blocks allow you to stay in the space you are but only in Bowser's Perculiar Peak)</p>

Board-specific ItemsEdit

Perilous Palace PathEdit

Star-Crossed SkywayEdit

  • Mini Stars
  • Mini Ztars

Rocket RoadEdit

  • Boosters - Multiplies the Dice Block roll.

Kamek's Carpet Ride and Shy Guy's Shuffle CityEdit

  • Random Cards - Randomly decide how many spaces the player will move.
  • Precision Cards - Move the player the number of spaces written on the card.
  • Power Precision Cards - Move the user the number of spaces written on the card forwards, while moving all other characters backward the same amount.


For the list of minigames click here --> 


Reference to other gamesEdit

  • Super Mario Bros. - The main theme is used in the minigame Xylophone Home and is remixed in the boss minigame Goomba Tower Takedown. Also, the Starman theme is used for the Perilous Palace Path board whenever a player uses a Super Star.
  • Super Mario Bros 3 - The minigame theme of "Hop Till You Drop" is a remix of the Athletic Theme.
  • Super Mario 64 & Super Mario 64 DS - King Bob-omb originated from Super Mario 64 but he had no personal interest with anything while in the remake he cares about his mustache which Bowser makes a reference to by saying "My next guard has an even more formidable mustache than Mario". Also, the Koopa's Road theme is remixed for Bowser's Peculiar Peak.
  • <p class="MsoNormal">Super Mario Galaxy - Rocket Road is based on this game and Rosalina appears as a cameo along with the Lumas</p>
  • Mario Party 9 - Most of the gameplay elements, including the voices from the characters and minigame announcer are borrowed. Also, the main menu theme is a remix for this game.


  • For a time the Nintendo 3DS eShop mistakenly stated Mario Party: Island Tour to be a title on the Nintendo Entertainment System.
  • This is the first game to be released on the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS.
  • This is the first game since Mario Party 3 to feature Item Spaces.

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