Mario Party 2
Mario Party 2 Box Art


Hudson Soft




Nintendo 64

Release Date

Japan: December 17, 1999

USA: January 24, 2000

Europe: October 13, 2000

Australia: November 6, 2000

Virtual Console (Wii) Release

Japan: November 2, 2010

North America: December 20, 2010

Europe: December 24, 2010

Mario Party 2  is a party game released for the Nintendo 64.  It is the sequel to the first game, Mario Party.

Plot Edit

From the game's instruction booklet:

Story: The Legend of Mario Land

Mario and Luigi, Wario and Peach, DK and Yoshi all gathered in speech. Sharing their wishes for all they had seen, saying "Let's make a world built on all of our dreams!" Combining their talents, they sweated and strained, completing that world, Mario Land by name...

Alas, but Wario stepped forth and said, "This world should be named for a Super Star, instead. Wario Land is a far better name!" And so they all argued the depth of their fame, "Peach Land is better!" And "My name is best!" Toad could not believe the words of the rest!

But as they debated who was more grand Bowser invaded that Mario Land!!! "There's no time to argue and no time to fight! "The task is before us," Toad said with a fright, "This land shall be named for the Super Star who defeats evil Bowser and saves us all, too!" So Mario and friends took on this new quest, to defeat the King Koopa and prove who's the best! They went deep into space, met ghosts and pirates, bust always on Bowser their keen sights were set. No adventure more trying, no reward more grand... So speaks the legend of Mario Land!

Opening SceneEdit

One day, Mario and friends (save for Wario) decide to create a new world. That world was "Mario Land". But, Wario appears out of nowhere and is unhappy with that name. After breaking the "Mario Land" sign, Wario thought that since he was a Super Star, it should be called "Wario Land". Thanks to Wario, everyone but Peach starts arguing about who the real Super Star was ensued and calling this new world. However, Princess Peach states that she has a name they can all agree upon, while Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Wario, and Donkey Kong have all thought that it is just like the Princess to solve a problem. She decides to name this new world "Peach Land", but the characters double over the irony. As the group continues to argue, a terrible thing happened at the same time. Without warning, Bowser appeared and began attacking Mario Land. A good Koopa Troopa who discovered Bowser ran towards Mario and company. Then Koopa shouted that Bowser has invaded Mario Land, but they ignored him. Toad could not stand that argument any longer and yells while asking if they can name this world after the Super Star who defeats Bowser. As they finally stopped arguing, Mario and friends have agreed with Toad's proposal. Immediately, they all began scrambling as fast as they could toward "Mario Land". This is the Legend of Mario Land.


Battle, Item, and Duel minigames are introduced in this game. Battle Minigames give every player a chance to win 70% of the stocked Jackpot taken from players (usually a set amount). The top two get a 70/30 share, while the bottom two get nothing; a leftover coin is given randomly. Additionally, players can no longer lose coins in normal minigames.


Mario Luigi Peach
MP2 Mario
MP2 Luigi
MP2 Peach
Favorite Item: Mushroom Favorite Item: Skeleton Key Favorite Item: Plunder Chest
Yoshi Wario Donkey Kong
MP2 Yoshi
MP2 Wario
MP2 Donkey Kong
Favorite Item: Warp Block Favorite Item: Dueling Glove Favorite Item: Bowser Bomb

List of BoardsEdit

Board Description Difficulty Villain
Pirate LandMap

Pirate Land

Pirate Land is the first board of this game. The players are dressed in a pirate garb, and they are assigned the title "Captain." If a player lands on one of the Blue Spaces that is on a dock, Sushi The Shark will appear. Sushi will then take the player to another dock on the board. The Happening Spaces cause a cannon to shoot a cannonball at the player, sending them back to the starting space. There are a few short-cuts on this board, all guarded by Thwomps. For players to pass a Thwomp, they must pay a fee of one Coin. The fee will then increase by one Coin. 1 out of 3 Cap'n Bowser
Western Land map

Western Land

Western Land is the second board of this game. Players are dressed as cowboys and have "Deputy" as their title. The main gimmick of this board is Steamer, who runs along the perimeter of the board. Players who want to ride Steamer have to pay a fee of five Coins at a toll. While riding Steamer, the player riding Steamer will hit a block, assigning what direction Steamer should move - either forward or backward. Steamer will move on his own if a player lands on a Happening Space. Any player hit by Steamer will be sent back to the starting space. There is also a milk shop run by Wiggler. When a player passes it, it will ask if the player wants to have a hootenany for 20 coins. Accepting the offer brings every other character to the shop for a hootenanny. 1 out of 3 Bowser The Brash
Space Land map

Space Land

Space Land is the third board of this game. Players are dressed as astronauts, and are members of the Space Patrol. The main unique feature of this board is the Bowser-faced junction in the very middle of the board. Every time the junction is passed, the number showing will decrease by one. When it reaches zero, Bowser will fire a laser beam at the diagonal pathway that starts at the north-east corner of the map, and ends at the south-west corner of the map. Every player blasted by the beam will lose all of their Coins. The Happening Spaces make a Whomp and a Thwomp chase the player who lands on the space to the other side of the map. Any other player caught by the Whomp and the Thwomp will also be chased to the other side of the map. If a player passes by the Snifit Patrol, they will ask whether the player wants them to set up a speed trap on the board. Should the player accept this, the player has to pay a toll of five Coins. While the speed trap is active, the Whomp and Thwomp will be caught by Snifits, further sending away the chased players. 2 out of 3 Black Hole Bowser
Mystery Land map

Mystery Land

Mystery Land is the fourth board of this game. Players are dressed as archeologists, but are not given a title. The main feature of this board is the four islands that make up the board. For players to move from one island to another, they must land on a Happening Space. This will take any player who landed on the Happening Space to the next island in a clockwise manner. The other way for players to access other islands is for the player to pay a Bob-omb ten Coins. Another feature of this board is Shy Guy's Curse House, which - when players pass - they can pay five Coins to make the Shy Guy put a curse on the player that the player passing chooses. The curse includes making the selected player only be able to roll from one to three on their next turn. 2 out of 3 Bowser Sphinx
HorrorLand MP2
Horror Land map (nighttime)

Horror Land

Horror Land is the fifth board of this game. Players are dressed as wizards and are assigned the title "Wizard." The main unique feature of this board is the day and night mechanic. The time of day will change every two turns, or whenever players land on Happening Spaces. Players may also change time from day to night only if they pass by the "Mystery Mansion" on the northern corner of the board where they will be greeted by Kamek. Kamek will then ask the player to pay a fee consisting of ten Coins. Should they accept this, the time of day will change to night-time. During the night, if players pass by the dancing floor they are greeted by a few Boos and a Mr. I. For a fee of twenty Coins, they will dance to make it day-time. If players pass by Mr. I, he will ask them to pay a fee of either ten Coins during the day, or five Coins during the night. Should they accept this, they will be taken to the north-west corner of the board. Another feature in this board is the Whomps. When passed by, they will change their position. During the night, they will not be able to move. Another feature is the Big Boo on the north-east corner of the board. Should players pass by him during the night, he will ask the player passing to pay three times the usual fee. Unlike normal Boos, he will steal from all players at once. 3 out of 3 Wizard Bowser
Bowser Land map

Bowser Land

Bowser Land is the sixth and final board of this game. Players are not dressed in any particular way other in their usual costumes, and they are not assigned a title. The rules of the game are turned around on this board. The effect this has is that, when a player passes by a bank, they will gain five Coins instead of them having to pay the equivalent sum of Coins. This will add up to a loan in the bank. Also, unlike in other boards - where any player who lands on a Bank Space will receive all previously deposited Coins - they will have to pay the full loan (or less, if they do not have enough. If they have no coins, they will lose a Star). There is also an item shop where the owner, Baby Bowser, will force the player passing to buy an item he selects. While these features are prevalent, the main feature of this board is the Bowser Parade. After each five turns, the parade will start. Any player caught in the parade will lose two Coins per space, and they will eventually be sent back to the starting space. However, if no players are in the parade's path, the parade will be cancelled. For players to control the path the parade will take, they can manipulate tiles with arrows on them. They can change the direction of the tiles by passing a Baby Bowser and paying him a fee of five Coins. The Happening Spaces near a red Warp Pipe make players warp to the next red Warp Pipe. Players who land on a Happening Space near the Bloober at the north-west corner of the board will be taken to a "ride," where they will go in a circle until they manage to land on another Happening Space. 3 out of 3 Bowser


Items can be bought at Item Shops. The offer of the shop varies with the number of turns played and the current rank of the player. Items are also procured by playing Item Minigames.

Items that can be bought in Item ShopsEdit

Item Description Price
MP3 Mushroom


When used, this item allows the player to roll two Dice Blocks instead of one. The two digits that the player rolls are added up together, and the player will move that many spaces. If the two digits match (e.g., two nines), the player will obtain ten Coins. This is Mario's favorite item. 10 Coins
Skeleton Key Story 2

Skeleton Key

This item is activated automatically whenever a player who possesses it is about to run into a locked gate. The key will open the gate – the player will be let through, and the gate will be locked again. Unlike in Mario Party 3, where the player can discard this item whenever they would like it, this option is not present in this title. This is Luigi's favorite item. 10 Coins
MP3 PlunderChest

Plunder Chest

When this item is used, the player using it will steal the item from a randomly chosen opponent. This is Princess Peach's favorite item. 15 Coins
MP3 DuelingGlove

Dueling Glove

When used, the player using it will summon a Goomba. The player will then choose an opponent to duel in a duel minigame. After this, the player will have the option to choose how much is to be dueled for. This is always Coins. The amount of Coins the player can choose is equivalent to the amount of Coins the participant who has the least amount of Coins prior to the duel. This item is Wario's favorite item. 15 Coins

Warp Block

When used, the Warp Block will appear above the player using it. The player will then hit the block – the result of this is that the player will warp with a randomly chosen opponent. This item is Yoshi's favorite item. 15 Coins
MP3 GoldenMushroom

Golden Mushroom

When used, the player using it will roll three Dice Blocks. The digits of all three rolls are added together, and the player will move equally much. If all the digits match, the player using it will receive twenty Coins (e.g., three tens). 20 Coins

Magic Lamp

When used, the player using it will directly be taken to the Star Space where they will be asked whether they want to purchase a Power Star or not. 30 Coins

Items obtainable only through Item MinigamesEdit

Item Description
MP3 BooBell

Boo Bell

When used, the player using it will summon Boo. Boo will then ask the player whom to steal from, whether it be Coins (this costs five Coins), or a Power Star (this costs fifty Coins).
MP3 BowserSuit

Bowser Suit

When used, the player using it will masquerade themselves as Bowser. The masqueraded player will then roll the Dice Block, and any players whom are passed will have to give twenty Coins to the masqueraded player.

Bowser Bomb

When a player obtains this item in an item minigame, Bowser will use it at the end of the current turn. When used, Koopa Kid will transform into Bowser. Bowser will then roll three Dice Blocks, and will move accordingly. Any player that Bowser passes will lose all of their Coins. This is Donkey Kong's favorite item, apparently.


Spaces Description Rarity
BlueSpace MP1

Blue Space

When a player lands on this space, the player will receive three Coins. During the Last Five Turns Event, the amount of Coins is doubled. Common
RedSpace MP1

Red Space

When a player lands on this space, the player will lose three Coins. During the Last Five Turns Event, the amount of Coins is doubled. Semi-common
Happening Space

Happening Space

When a player lands on this space, a board-specific event will unfold. Semi-common
ChanceTimeSpace MP2

Chance Time Space

When a player lands on this space, Chance Time will be initiated. Rare
BowserSpace MP1

Bowser Space

When a player lands on this space, Bowser will be summoned. An event from a number of events will then unfold. Semi-rare

Star Space

When a player passes this space, Toad will ask the player passing by whether they want to purchase a Power Star for twenty coins or not. One per board
ItemSpace MP2

Item Space

When a player lands on this space, a board-specific item minigame will be initiated. The minigame will not be initiated if it is the last turn, or if the player already has an item. If both criteria are met, the minigame still will not be initiated. Semi-rare
BattleSpace MP2

Battle Space

When a player lands on this space, a battle minigame will be played. Semi-rare
Bank Space

Bank Space

When a player passes by this space, they will have to pay five Coins (if the player does not have five Coins, they will have to pay as much as they can) to the bank. If a player lands on it, the player will acquire all previously deposited Coins. However, this is reverse in Bowser Land; they will obtain five Coins if the player passes by the same space, adding up a loan to the bank and they will have to pay the full loan (or as much as the player can pay if the player does not have enough) if the player lands on the same space. Two per board


Main article: List of Mario Party 2 Minigames

Mini-Game LandEdit

Main article: Mini-Game Land

Here, players can buy minigames from Woody to play them. They can play freely or in the Mini-Game Stadium. The player can also participate in the Mini-Game Coaster, which can unlock Item and Battle minigames in the Free Play mode.

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