Here's all the rules you need to know on Mario Party Wiki.

Chat RulesEdit

No Making Fun/Insulting Users
We don't want anyone to fell bad on chat, right?
No Porno or Sexual Jokes
Talking about it, the user will get a instaban.
No Major Swearing
If this occurs, the user will be kicked from chat and will be warned.
Don't ask for Chat Moderator stats
If a user asks for Chat Moderator stats, we will ignore. If it continues, the user will be kicked. If it continues EVEN FUTHER the user will be banned.
No Trolling
Don't troll at all. If a Sysop or a Chat Moderator sees someone post something like, "Delete System 32, it makes your Computer run faster." They'll be kicked or banned depending on how bad the troll is.

Wiki RulesEdit

No Links to Porno sites in articles
Same as the second Chat Rule, only the user will be blocked instantly form editing this site.
No Vandalism
One of the "most common" rules on other wikis. If this happens the user will warned.
No Bad-English
We want "good" English, here's two better and worse sentences.


Deleted: (Mario is liek epci and is teh best char in Mario Pati!.) As for me, I'm surprised that this guy knows how to speak.
Not-Deleted: (Mario is the namesake of the Mario Party series.) I love how this guy did it, he did not misspell any thing at all. And had very good grammar.

No Links to advertisement websites
There should not be links no advertisement websites added to this wiki. If you do you will get warning.
No SockPutting
SockPutting is not allowed on this wiki. If you do you will get a one month ban from this wiki.

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