Millennium Star
Mario party 3 Millennium star
The Real Millennium Star in Mario Party 3
Status Inside Tumble
Game Mario Party 3

The Millennium Star is a character that appears in Mario Party 3. He is the true Millennium Star as the player learned from defeating the Fake Millennium Star in Stardust Battle.

In the Mario Party series Edit

Mario Party 3 Edit

The real Millennium Star only appears near the end of the Story Mode. He was impressed by the player's skills during the course of the game. After he used his powers to turn the Mushroom Kingdom back to its original state. the Millennium Star congratulates the player and awards them the title of "Superstar". He then appears in the corner of the screen during the end credits. As soon as the credits end, the Millennium Star flies at the screen where it then shows a near real-life Mario Party board with the words "END" at the bottom.

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