Mini-Game Island
Mario in Mini-Game Island
Game Mario Party
Number of Spaces 72 Spaces
Map Mini-Game Island
Theme Island/Cave/Castle
Mario Party Music - Mini-Game Island01:36

Mario Party Music - Mini-Game Island

Mini-Game Island is an island located on the outskirts of the Mushroom Village in Mario Party. To get here, the player must use the raft in the Mushroom Village. The goal of the island is to clear all 50 minigames, although the character can reach the end by taking shortcuts. The player starts out with four lives and loses a life every time he or she fails a minigame. Coins are won after each minigame is complete. Collecting 100 coins grants the character a life. At World 9, Fwoosh can take the character to start if they wanted to.

Spaces Edit

  • Mini-Game Space – enter this space to play a minigame. Blue spaces are uncleared spaces and the yellow spaces are cleared spaces. Total = 50 Spaces
  • Koopa Troopa Space – enter this space to talk to the Koopa Troopa and save. Most worlds end with a Koopa Troopa Space. Total = 7 Spaces.
  • Entrance Space – enter this space to go to another area. Total = 13 Spaces
  • Pink Space – this space cannot be entered and are merely used to move across. Total = 6 Spaces.

Worlds Edit

Level Mini-Game Type
World 1
1-1 Coin Block Blitz 4-Player
1-2 Coin Block Bash 1 vs. 3
1-3 Coin Shower Flower 1 vs. 3
1-4 Paddle Battle 1 vs. 3
World 2
2-1 Memory Match Single Player
2-2 Ground Pound Single Player
2-3 Limbo Dance Single Player
2-4 Musical Mushroom 4-Player
2-5 Piranha's Pursuit 1 vs. 3
World 3
3-1 Crazy Cutter 4-Player
3-2 Buried Treasure 4-Player
3-3 Desert Dash 2 vs. 2
3-4 Tug o' War 1 vs. 3
3-5 Teetering Towers Single Player
World 4
4-1 Bobsled Run 2 vs. 2
4-2 Skateboard Scamper 4-Player
4-3 Handcar Havoc 2 vs. 2
4-4 Ghost Guess Single Player
World 5
5-1 Cast Aways 4-Player
5-2 Shy Guy Says 4-Player
5-3 Bumper Balls 4-Player
5-4 Treasure Divers 4-Player
5-5 Bombs Away 4-Player
5-6 Deep Sea Divers 2 vs. 2
5-7 Mushroom Mix-Up 4-Player
5-8 Tightrope Treachery 1 vs. 3
World 6
6-1 Box Mountain Mayhem 4-Player
6-2 Pedal Power Single Player
6-3 Tipsy Tourney 4-Player
6-4 Hot Bob-omb 4-Player
6-5 Bombsketball 2 vs. 2
6-6 Hot Rope Jump 4-Player
World 7
7-1 Slot Machine Single Player
7-2 Crane Game 1 vs. 3
7-3 Pipe Maze 1 vs. 3
7-4 Bowl Over 1 vs. 3
7-5 Whack-a-Plant Single Player
7-6 Mario Bandstand 4-Player
World 8
8-1 Running of the Bulb 4-Player
8-2 Grab Bag 4-Player
8-3 Key-pa-Way 4-Player
8-4 Balloon Burst 4-Player
8-5 Face Lift 4-Player
8-6 Bash 'n' Cash 1 vs. 3
World 9
9-1 Hammer Drop 4-Player
9-2 Slot Car Derby 1 4-Player
9-3 Shell Game Single Player
9-4 Knock Block Tower Single Player
9-5 Platform Peril 4-Player
GOAL Slot Car Derby 2 (vs. Toad) 4-Player

After clearing all of the minigames in World 9 and beating Toad at the Goal, the character will receive Bumper Ball Maze 1 from Koopa Troopa, and if all the minigames are cleared, Toad will give Bumper Ball Maze 2 to the player as well. Finally, if the player beats the current record on both of those mazes, they will unlock Bumper Ball Maze 3.

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