Mowtown is a 4-player minigame found in Mario Party 6
Its' name is a pun on the American record company, Motown. 

Gameplay Edit

The object of the game is to mow the most grass on a small area in a park. To start mowing, the player must press and hold down the A button while moving around. The grass is automatically transported to the player's basket. The player with the most grass in their basket when time runs out wins.

Intro/Ending Edit

Intro: The players start up their lawn mowers and advance onto the lawn.

Ending: The four players stand on a freshly trimmed lawn in front of their baskets. The winner does his or her victory animation, and the others do their losing animations.

Controls: Control Stick- Change Direction, A- Move Forward, B- Move Backward (Won't mow)

In-game text Edit

  • Rules – "Tame the wildly overgrown lawn with your lawn mower! Whoever collects the most grass clippings wins!"
  • Advice – "If you hit a wall or an opponent, back up and start mowing again."

Trivia Edit

  • TBA

Video Edit

Mario Party 6 - Mowtown01:41

Mario Party 6 - Mowtown

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