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Odd Card Out
is a 4 Player Mini-Game in Mario Party 6.

Gameplay Edit

Players have to press A, B or X  depending on which of the three cards in front of them is different from the other two. The cards include common Mario enemies, which are Koopas, Goombas, Piranha Plants, Shy Guys, and Bob-ombs. Some differences are obvious (such as a red Bob-omb), but some are more subtle (such as the top of a Shy Guy's robe). Once someone picks a card, the round ends. If the player's choice is correct, he or she earns a point. However, the player is flattened by a Thwomp if the choice is incorrect, causing the player to miss the next round. Victory goes to the player who earns two points first.

Intro/Ending Edit

Intro: The players cheer as the camera passes by them, each of them holding up a sign with a random button on it.

Ending: The card screens all show one part of a rainbow as the winner's platform glows and the players perform their winning or losing animations.

In-game text Edit

Rules: "Find the card that's different than the others and press the correct button first to earn a point. Earn two points to win!"

Advice: "If you answer incorrectly, a Thwomp will fall on your head and you'll lose a turn!"

Trivia Edit

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