Pump, Pump and Away is a 2-vs-2 minigame in Mario Party 3. Its name is a pun on the phrase "Up, up and away!"

Gameplay Edit

The mini-game is a 2-vs-2 mini-game. The controls and style are similar to that of Balloon Burst from Mario Party and Mario Party 2. The two players must attempt to pump as much as they can into their rocket before their opponents. At the end of the time limit, the rockets are blasted off and the rocket that goes the furthest distance vertically wins. The winning rocket comes back down safely by a parachute while the losing rocket crashes back down. As with Balloon Burst, you can pump the most air into the rocket whenever the pump is flashing.

Controls Edit

  • A Button - Push pump down
  • B Button (or Z) - Pull Pump Up

In-game Text Edit

  • Game Rules – "Press A Button and B Button with good timing to pump your rocket. The team whose rocket flies higher, wins."
  • Advice – "Push the pump down when it flashes to send the most air to the rocket."

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