Rakin' 'em In! is a battle minigame found in Mario Party 2.

Gameplay Edit

When the minigame starts, the round table starts spinning slow as there are types of Mushrooms on the round table. Players have to grab the Mushrooms by using a mechanic claw to grab them into their baskets. A regular Mushroom has one point, a Golden Mushroom has three points and a Poison Mushroom takes away three points. The player who gets the most points wins this minigame.

Controls Edit

  • A Button – Move Crane Arm

In-game Text Edit

  • Game Rules – "Many Mushroom sit atop the spinning stump. Use your crane to rake in as many as you can!"
  • Advice – "Gold Mushrooms are worth 3 normal Mushrooms, but Poison Purple Mushrooms are worth MINUS 3 Mushrooms!"

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