Rocky Road is a 2-vs-2 minigame found in Mario Party 6. Its name comes from the ice cream flavor, "Rocky Road".

There are only aesthetic changes between daytime and nighttime.

Rocky Road
Type 2-vs-2
Music Relaxed

Introduction Edit

The Shy Guy driving the car is driving along the road, then stops when it pulls up to the first set of boulders.

Gameplay Edit

Both teams have to destroy the boulders on the way and go to Shy Guy's car so the car will advance. Players must be careful not to accidentally hit the other player. If one player is stunned when the team can advance, the one player stands in front of the car and must wait for his or her teammate to recover. There are five sets of boulders to pass through: two small ones at the beginning, followed by one boulder, then three boulders, then two larger boulders, and finally one massive boulder. The team who reached the end of the road wins.

Ending Edit

The winners continue down the road in their car while waving out the window.

Controls Edit

  • Control Stick – Move
  • A Button – Jump
  • B Button – Punch
  • A +  B– Kick

In-game text Edit

  • Rules – "Team up with a partner to buts apart boulders that are blocking the scenic road! The first team to reach the goal wins!"
  • Advice – "Be careful not to punch or kick your partner!"

Video Edit

Mario Party 6 - Rocky Road

Mario Party 6 - Rocky Road