Skateboard Scamper is a 4-player minigame that appeared in both Mario Party and Mario Party 2.

Gameplay Edit

Both versions look different, but concept and controls are completely alike. In the Mario Party version, the players have to skate on a bridge on a lava pit, while the bridge goes down into the pit and Thwomps try to slow down the players as they run away. The Mario Party 2 version involves the players being chased by Bigger Boo. It also involves collecting coins, so even those who get caught can get a chance to get coins. The first one who gets to the light source wins. This is a survival game.

In the Mini-Game Coaster on Mario Party 2, the human player must be the first to reach the light source to win.

Controls Edit

  • A Button – Jump
  • B Button (Repeatedly) – Skate

In-game Text Edit

Mario Party Edit

  • Game Rules – "The floor beneath you breaks up as players scamper across. Press B Button repeatedly to skate and A Button to jump."
  • Game Rules (Mini-Game Island) – "The floor breaks beneath your feet. Press B Button to run away. Clear the game by being the first to cross the goal line."
  • Advice – "Use jump not only to get past obstacles, but also to grab coins that are floating in the air."

Mario Party 2 Edit

  • Game Rules – "It's the scariest scamper ever! You're trapped in Boo's haunted house for a skateboard race to safety!"
  • Game Rules (Mini-Game Coaster) – "Skate your way out of Boo's haunted house without getting caught. Take first place to clear this Mini-Game."
  • Advice – "Boo chases after you relentlessly. Don't let yourself fall behind the others, or Boo will get you!"

Videos Edit

Mario Party 4 Player Minigame - Skateboard Scamper01:07

Mario Party 4 Player Minigame - Skateboard Scamper

Mario Party - Skateboard Scamper

Mario Party 2 4 Player Minigame - Skateboard Scamper00:57

Mario Party 2 4 Player Minigame - Skateboard Scamper

Mario Party 2 - Skateboard Scamper

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