Sky Pilots
Sky Pilots
Type 2-vs-2 Mini-Game
Music Going Somewhere
Sky Pilots is a 2-vs.-2 racing minigame in Mario Party 2. As the name implies, Sky Pilots is set in the sky with two characters sharing a plane.

Gameplay Edit

The objective of Sky Pilots is to reach the goal before the other team. One team member must steer the plane while the other must flap the wings. Going through a rainbow ring would cause a plane to accelerate. However, colliding with a cannonball or Bowser balloon will knock the plane backward. The team who reaches the goal first are the winners.

Initial Record Edit

  • 1'30"00

Controls Edit

Pilot Edit

  • Control Stick – Steer Plane

Speed Edit

  • Control Stick – Flap Wings

In-game Text Edit

  • Game Rules – "The player steering the plane and the player flapping the wings must cooperate to reach the finish line first!"
  • Advice – "You'll get the most speed with fuller wing flaps. Lift the wings high before dropping them down."