Slot Car Derby is a minigame in both Mario Party and Mario Party 2.

Gameplay Edit

The controls are not overall considered difficult, but it is difficult to maintain a position. At the starting line, if a player holds the Control Stick when it says "go", the player will be penalized for five seconds. If the driver goes too fast, he or she will start to spin. The first player to reach the goal wins.

In Mario Party, there are two tracks with one being shorter and having less complex turns than the other, which has a similar shape to Luigi Raceway. In Mario Party 2, there are three tracks: the first one is bean-shaped, the second one C-shaped, and the third one is cloverleaf-styled. However, the game tracks the best times for the minigame as though they were the same track.

In Mario Party, the minigame will end in a draw if no players have reached the goal within 2 minutes. In both games, if a player stands still and another player rams into them, that player is out.

At the Goal of the Mini-Game Island, the player must win the race against Toad and two random CPU characters in the second course of this minigame.

Initial Record Edit

Mario Party Edit

  • 1'00"00 (both courses)

Mario Party 2 Edit

  • 40"00 (Course 1)
  • 50"00 (Course 2)
  • 1'00"00 (Course 3)

Controls Edit

  • Control Stick (Push) – Speed up
  • Control Stick (Let Go) – slow down

In-game Text Edit

Mario Party Edit

  • Game Rules – "Push the control stick lightly, and drive your Slot Car to the finish line. If you go too fast, you'll spin out in the corners."
  • Game Rules (Mini-Game Island) – "Push Control Stick lightly and race your car around the track. Clear the game by winning the race."
  • Advice – "Smoking tires is a sure sign of going too fast. If you don't slow down, you'll definitely spin out."

Mario Party 2 Edit

  • Game Rules – "The first one to complete 4 laps in the Slot Car Derby wins! Don't spin out by speeding around curves!"
  • Game Rules (Mini-Game Coaster) – "It's a 4-lap Slot Car Derby! Be the first to cross the finish line to clear the game."
  • Advice – "Tilt your Control Stick as far as you can on straightaways for max speed!"

Videos Edit

Mario Party- 4 Player Minigame - Slot Car Derby -101:04

Mario Party- 4 Player Minigame - Slot Car Derby -1

Mario Party - Slot Car Derby (Course 1)

Mario Party 1 Mini Games - Slot Car Derby 200:41

Mario Party 1 Mini Games - Slot Car Derby 2

Mario Party - Slot Car Derby (Course 2)

Mario Party 1 Playthrough - Mini-Game Island Part 602:10

Mario Party 1 Playthrough - Mini-Game Island Part 6

Mario Party - Slot Car Derby (vs. Toad; Mini-Game Island)

Mario Party 2 - Slot Car Derby02:56

Mario Party 2 - Slot Car Derby

Mario Party 2 - Slot Car Derby (Courses 1-3)

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