Smashdance is a 4-player minigame in Mario Party 6. Day and night themes are both pleasant. Day has no special features while night, totems eyes are glowing and torches glow purple.


The players must score the most points by ground pounding the glowing panels. Each tile gives the player a point; when a panel fades to blue, it is a warning that it will fade out entirely soon after. When somebody Ground Pounds on a player, he or she stuns the player for a few seconds.


The camera flies through some brush to show the players on a temple-like stage. The tile flashes two times as they are surprised.


The players stand in their positions, the winner stands forward and does their victory pose while the losers sulk.

In-game text

  • Rules – "Ground-pound glowing panels to score. Whoever ground-pounds the most glowing panels wins!"
  • Advice – "Panels glow for just a short time and turn blue as they're about to fade."


  •  GCN Stick – Move
  • GCN A – Jump
  • GCN AGCN A – Ground Pound


  • The name is a wordplay on the movie, Flashdance.