Stamp By Me is a Battle minigame in Mario Party 6. Its name is a pun on the title of a 1986 film, Stand by Me, which was in turn named for the song "Stand by Me", by Ben E. King.

Introduction Edit

The introduction shows the first player stamping one stamp, which does not count as a point.

Gameplay Edit

Players must stamp pieces of paper as they pass by on conveyer belts, and must stamp the most papers to win. Each player is given a a giant, hammer-like stamper. Every time a stamp would pass on the conveyor belt on the side of a player, they should press either , or , depending on which conveyor belt it was on. The player should press  for the right side and for the left side. In addition, both conveyer belts move at different speeds.

Controls Edit

  • A – Stamp right stamp
  • B – Stamp left stamp

In-game text[edit] Edit

  • Rules – "Stamp the pieces of paper as they zoom by you on the conveyor belt. Whoever stamps the most correctly wins!"
  • Advice – "The left and right conveyor belts move at different speeds. Keep this in mind to find the right stamping rhythm."

Video Edit

  • Mario Party 6 - Stamp By Me00:56

    Mario Party 6 - Stamp By Me

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