Sumo of Doom-o is a Duel minigame in Mario Party 6.
Sumo of Doom-o
Type Duel Minigame
Music Time to Duel

Introduction Edit

The players emerge inside their vehicles from doors on top of the arena. The Thwomp then pounds the ground, causing the ramps leading to the exits to fall.

Gameplay Edit

The point of the game is to knock the other player off the quadrilateral fighting platform the players are both on. To move, players have to coordinate between using  and ; as  controls the left set of tires, whereas  controls the right set. Whoever bumps the other player off by bumping into him or her wins. Every few seconds, the Thwomp in the upper center of the stage pounds the floor, making the rim of the platform fall off. The Thwomp stops pounding if only the middle part of the platform is left.

Ending Edit

The winner stands outside his or her vehicle and preforms his or her victory animation.

Controls Edit

  • GCN Stick – Control left wheels
  • GCN C – Control right wheels

In-game text Edit

  • Rules – "Use your vehicle to push your opponent off the crumbling platform. Whoever knocks the other player off first wins!"
  • Advice 1 – "Tilt  and  to steer your vehicle. Tilt both upward to move forward."
  • Advice 2 – ""The stage will crumble away and get smaller each time the Thwomp lands."