Sunday Drivers is a golf-themed 4-player minigame in Mario Party 6. The introduction shows all the players swinging their golf clubs. The term "Sunday driver" originally refers to a person who drives slowly.

There are only aesthetic changes between the daytime and the nighttime.
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Gameplay Edit

The players must be the first to hit all ten golf balls to win. To swing the club, he/she must press the correct button on the sign that the Shy Guy is holding behind the player. If the correct button is pressed, the character successfully hits the golf ball. If the wrong button is pressed, the character hits the ball, but it simply rolls off to the side and does not count as a hit.

Intro Edit

The camera pans from the sky to the field below. Each of the players then hits their golf ball, one after the other.

Ending Edit

The camera zooms in on the winner, who performs its victory.

In-game-text Edit

  • Rules – "Press the buttons according to the Shy Guy's orders to hit the golf ball. Whoever hits ten balls first wins!"
  • Advice – "If you press the wrong button, you'll flub your swing and lose valuable time!"

Controls Edit

  • GCN A/GCN B/GCN Y/GCN L/GCN R – Press as instructed

Video Edit

Mario Party 6 - Sunday Drivers

Mario Party 6 - Sunday Drivers