Tick Tock Hop
MP3 TickTockHop
Type Duel Mini-Game
Music Panic

Tick Tock Hop is a Duel player minigame in Mario Party 3. The name is a pun on "Tick Tock Clock", a level from Super Mario 64 with the clock's face resembling its' entrance.

Gameplay Edit

The two players stand on the wooden hour hand while dodging the minute hand by jumping over it. As the game progresses, the minute hand may be the only hand rotating, the hour hand may be the only one rotating, both hands may be rotating, and they may also reverse direction and change speeds. The last player standing in the game wins the duel. If both players make it to 99 consecutive jumps or are knocked off at the same time, it ends in a draw.

Controls Edit

  • A Button - Jump

In-game Text Edit

  • Game Rules – "The hands of the clock spin round and round. Time your jumps to avoid being hit by the minute hand." (Tumble, Mini-Game Mode)
    • "Stand on the clock's hour hand and jump the minute hand as you spin around!" (Goomba, Party Mode)
  • Advice – "Be careful because the hands will speed up and slow down without warning." (Tumble, Mini-Game Mode)
    • "The clock hands will suddenly speed up, slow down and even change directions! You'd better pay attention!" (Goomba, Party Mode)