Trap Ease Artist is a 4-player minigame in Mario Party 6. The minigame name is a pun off "trapeze artist".
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Gameplay Edit

The main point of the game is to trap as many Goombas as the player can with their cage. When many Goombas are under the cage's shadow, one must press  to drop the cage, trapping the Goombas. Regular Goombas give the player one point, but Gold Goombas give them three points. After all of the Goombas are captured, the player with the most points wins.

Intro/Ending Edit

Intro- The introduction shows the first player dropping his or her cage, trying to trap some Goombas, showing the player how to play.

Ending- As soon as all players have dropped his or her cages, they open. The Goombas inside then leave the cages as the player's tallies increase. The winner then does his or her victory animation.

In-game text Edit

  • Rules – "Drop a cage to capture as many Goombas as you can! Whoever earns the most points wins!"
  • Advice 1 – "Normal Goombas are worth one point. Golden Goombas are worth three points.'"
  • Advice 2 – "Don't wait too long for a better chance to drop the cage, or you may miss your best opportunity!"
  • Controls-
    • A Button – Drop the cage

Trivia Edit

  • The Miracle Book page for this game is called "Golden Goomba"
  • In the PAL version, Trape Ease Artist does not appear in Endurance Alley.
  • Oddly, this game should've had a night time version because the game takes place outside.

Video Edit

  • Mario Party 6 - Trap Ease Artist00:50

    Mario Party 6 - Trap Ease Artist

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