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    Mario Party Island Tour...// 

    Mario Party: Island Tour (Also known as Mario Party 3DS) is a Mario game for the Nintendo 3DS. It is the twelfth Mario Party game overall. It is also the most recent game in the Mario Party Series. ~ From the MarioWiki

    I Absolutely Love this game The Graphics are awesome the mini games are fun, But one board I still dont know if I like or not Its the Last Board Bowsers Peculiar Peak. Heres Why:

    • Bowser Seems too dominate. Mario is soposed to be the hero that saves the Mushroom kingdom from all peril. So Peach can reign in peace but in this board Bowser acts like the king of the world and isnt bower soposed to be Um.. Well.. not so powerful by now? He's Been Defeated by our little friend Mario So many times! yeah B…
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  • Nikki Van Davis

    Mario Party 4...//

    Mario Party 4 is the fourth game in the Mario Party series, and the first for the Nintendo GameCube. It follows the original's style of board game-esque gameplay, as well as the use of many items and mini-games. The game's goal, as with most of the others, is to collect stars. It is also the first Mario Party game to allow players to team up.       ~From the Mario wiki.

    Mario Party 4, my second mario party.  I enjoy this game sooooo much! I like the idea of shops and the other things like Boos Crystal ball Creats good compatation. The Mini games are loads of fun. Personally I like the mini games in this one better than Mario Party DS.

    In the comment below What are you opinions of Mario Party4? 

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  • Nikki Van Davis

    Mario Party DS...//

    Mario Party DS is a party video game for the Nintendo DS. It is the eleventh title in the series (twelfth in Japan), and was released in Japan on November 8, 2007 and in North America on November 19, 2007. In Europe the game was released on November 23, 2007, and was released in Australia on December 6, 2007. ~ From The Mario Wiki

    Mario Party DS is the very first MP I played. I found it very fun my favorite Mini Game was camera shy. The graphics in this game are pretty good and the mini games are very fun. I Dont have any negative opinions about this game. Its very fun, and I recomend it to anyone! 

    In the comments below tell your opinions about Mario Party DS.

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