Well as some of you might know i edit on a lot of wiki's and most of them i have admin rights. So on microsoft wiki i am bureaucrat on it. And on sunday a new user asks me for admin rights he seemed ok at the time. I naturally say no and say he needs more edits. So after he has done like 99 edits i finally gave him admin rights and then go to do some other stuff for about four hours or so. When i come back i am in complete shock. He had messed up the wiki navigation, deleted pages that should stay and tryed to block me (but yeah bureaucrats can unblock tourselves so...) but the worst thing he did has change the wiki theme to black whitch is not so bad but no text would show. So i finally go to the vstf and they fix the theme and the text while that jerk got a block on every wiki. After that i fix all the vandalism he did. Yeah now i have some turst issues.

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