Waluigi's Island
The logo of Waluigi's Island
Game Mario Party 3
Number of Spaces 97 Spaces

Blue Spaces = 45 (62 if upper left island has blue)
Red Spaces = 3 (20 if upper left island has red)
Happening Spaces = 10
Battle Spaces = 5 (22 if upper left island has Battle)
Chance Spaces = 2 (19 if upper left island has Chance)
Item Spaces = 7 (24 if upper left island has Item)
Bank Spaces = 2
Bowser Spaces = 4 (21 if upper left island has Bowser)
Game Guy Spaces = 2 (19 if upper left island has Game Guy)

Stars Obtained by Paying 20 Coins to Toad
Map WaluigisIsland MP3

Waluigi's Island is a board map in Mario Party 3. It is the final board played in Story Mode and is unlocked after the game is completed. It is notably the only board in the game to be based on a character, similar to the boards in Mario Party.


The board is the most difficult in the game, ranking at three stars due to the various booby traps placed around the island. The area at the beginning just before the Action Time features a timer with 5 written on it. Each time a player lands on the Happening Space in this circle, the timer will decrease. If it reaches 0 then every player standing in the circle will lose all of their coins in a dynamite explosion.

The Action Time area features a gear with arrows that point up, down, left and right. Timing is key in order to select the area you want to go to. However, the speed is random and you may not go the area that you want to go. The area to the right of the Item Shop on the up path features a branching path that goes up towards Boo and another that goes down. Choosing the wrong path causes the floor to collapse under the player and they are sent back to the start.

The upper left island is also interesting because every turn, the spaces there will change between Blue, Red, Battle, Chance, Item, Bowser and Game Guy. The Happening Spaces outside of the booby-trapped circle control the drawbridges that lead to the upper-left area. One will drop while the other is raised.

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